Frequently Asked Questions.


How does SmartSMSOne send SMS from my computer?

It uses GSM modem to send SMS. You need to have compatible Modem and SIM card and a subscription with a Provider.

Will Installation of SmartSMSOne make any changes to my current database?

No, unless otherwise the SQL you entered at ODBC does it.

Do I need to have Internet connection?

Yes, for activating the product during installation.

No, for Sending SMS Regularly.

Will SmartSMSOne provide me the details of SMS sent from the computer?

Yes, it keeps track of SMS sent through ODBC and Import SMS path.

No, does not keep track of messages sent through QuickSMS.

How much will I be charged for the SMSs sent from SmartSMSOne?

Depends on the plan you subscribed to.

How do I set System DSN?

Through Control Panel, ODBC

Does SmartSMSOne support Unicode characters?

Yes, you can use any language that is supported by Unicode.

I have Modem connected and Not visible to SmartSMSOne Application

Possible Cause: Modem could be used by the default application that came with the modem. Check the system tray and close the application if it is running.

Why Should I run the application given by the provider to have the Modem visible to the application?

Most of the devices we use now are software-configured modem, whereas the physical device is converted into port/modem only through the software that came with it.

Started Application but it is not shown in the taskbar?

Check the System Tray.