Messaging Simplified

SmartSMSOne is an intuitive software that helps you handle Short Messages. You can connect it to any ODBC data source to fetch messages dynamically as records get added/updated. It can be used to send messages from external files (like Json, xml, excel, csvā€¦) through message import and you can use Quick send to send messages on the fly.

All it requires is a compatible GSM Modem (data card) with valid SIM to make this happen

Features at a Glance

Supports Unicode, sends messages in any language that complies with Unicode standard
Sends long messages (no longer restricted for 160 Characters)
Can connect to any ODBC data source and send messages dynamically
Imports Messages from flat files, it supports JSON, XML, CSV and tab delimited files
History of Messages with current status
Send Quick SMS - this bypasses queue and sends messages quickly from this screen
Multi-threaded consumes less system resource

Areas of application

Banks and financial Institutions
Customer support centers
Retails outlets
Travel agencies
Stock Brokers
Advertising agencies
Media agencies
Weather Department
Marketing Department
Event management
Distributors etc.

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SmartSMSone is currently available through Resellers, Click here to find a reseller near you.

Customer Price:

In India: INR 2500

Overseas: USD 40

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Become a Reseller

SmartSMSOne and similar products in the pipeline would be highly beneficial for Enthusiastic professionals, hardware Vendors, Small Enterprises involved in Hardware and Software Businesses, We have a lucrative promotional offer going for SmartSMSOne, Kindly contact at

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Installation and Support for SmartSMSOne is handled through resellers, Kindly contact your provider to get timely assistance

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To serve our customers better, we periodically update our documentation and relevant materials, check our download page to get the latest.