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As customer behaviors and demographics change, your approach to engaging them has to follow their journey. With equal parts vision and technology, we can help advance your customer experience to reflect a more human-centric encounter and enable your operations to move toward outcome-based commercials.

  • Get the skills, guidance, and resources you need to make a big difference in your contact center operations that can lead to a big difference in the quality of your customer experience.
  • Achieve demonstrated improvements in business performance, service delivery, and customer and employee satisfaction. Transform your contact center with a change in mindset, leadership commitment, and organizational alignment.
  • Make it fast and easy for customers to collaborate with live agents when needed—and to escalate emergencies without delay.
  • Phase 1: Analyze ‘as is’ process

    We study existing processes and identify critical factors to be retained in the business flow. Our experts highlight deficiencies and operational shortcomings.
    We also identify process risks and build safeguards against them.

  • Phase 2: Design ‘to be’ process

    We formulate a ‘to be’ process, eliminating operational inefficiencies and planning for risk mitigation. Next, we re-design the organizational structure, defining and mapping the skills matrix. The feasibility of implementing the new process is discussed with stakeholders.

  • Phase 3: Implement and improve

    Detailed migration and implementation plans enable a smooth transition to the new phase. Appropriate education and training modules help your people own the change, while our team catalyses the processes and functions as your implementation partner.

In our work with the hire purchase company, we developed SmartHP, tailored to their specific needs and objectives. Here's a glimpse into how we can assist:
  1. Customer Journey Mapping: We start by mapping out the customer journey in the context of hire purchase. They identify the various touch points and interactions a customer has, such as initial product research, application process, approval, payment management, and post-purchase support.
  2. Customer Data Analysis: We analyze customer data to gain insights into customer behaviors, preferences, and needs related to hire purchase. They may examine historical transaction data, demographic information, feedback surveys, and customer support interactions.
  3. Segmentation and Targeting: Based on the data analysis, we help the hire purchase company segment its customer base. This involves categorizing customers into distinct groups based on criteria such as creditworthiness, purchase patterns, or product preferences. The segments are then used to develop targeted engagement strategies.
  4. Multichannel Engagement Strategy: The consultant assists in developing a multichannel engagement strategy that leverages various touch points to engage customers effectively. This could include implementing automated email and SMS communication for payment reminders, and providing personalized customer support through multiple channels.
  5. Content Development: The consultant helps the hire purchase company develop relevant and engaging content to support customer engagement. This may involve creating educational materials about hire purchase, producing personalized offers and promotions, and providing helpful resources for managing payments or understanding hire purchase terms.
  6. Measurement and Optimization: After implementing the customer engagement initiatives, we work with the company to measure and evaluate their effectiveness. Key performance indicators (KPIs) such as customer satisfaction, conversion rates, payment delinquency rates, and customer retention are tracked. Insights from these metrics are used to optimize the engagement strategies and improve results.

Results you can measure.


Cost savings from a complete redesign


Reduction in year-over-year contact minutes for a manufacturer


Improvement in customer satisfaction ratings for a large provider


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